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Sports4Trees already has a diverse circle of supporters consisting of athletes, clubs, schools and teams, which is constantly growing. Here we present both current projects that we are currently implementing with our supporters, as well as past projects that have already been completed.

We hope to inspire you with these individual implementations to become active yourself and look forward to your ideas to get involved in Sports4Trees.

Current campains

Here you will find an overview of our current projects.

SV Waldhof Mannheim 07

Project: Climate ticket and Herzbuwe jersey

Supported project: School project in Nigeria (Zenaga Foundation) / Mangrove reforestation in Nigeria (Forest Friends)

Project start: 2021/22 season

Waldhof Mannheim was one of the first clubs to sign our statement in 2019. For the 2021/22 season, 3€ was donated to a school project in Akwa Ibom in Nigeria by the sale of each jersey. In addition to planting trees, a tree nursery and equipping us with solar lamps, the Zenaga Foundation also implements social aspects. By November 2021, 600 trees had been planted, 1,000 nursery seedlings had been planted, two solar lamps had been installed on the sports field, 25 mobile solar lamps, 20 sports jerseys and 2,000 educational materials had been distributed. The purchase of a jersey for the 2022/23 season also supported a school in Akwa Ibom in Nigeria.

In addition, since the 2021/22 season, it has been possible to purchase a “climate ticket” for every ticket purchased for one euro, which is used to plant a mangrove in a mangrove plantation project, also in Akwa Ibom in Nigeria. By purchasing this ticket, fans have the opportunity to contribute to climate protection and offset CO2. This project is implemented by our project partner Forstfreunde. In the 2021/2022 season, a total of 2,878 mangroves were planted, and the climate ticket continued in the 2022/23 season. Furthermore, fans can also plant trees when shopping in the fan stores. For this purpose, there are tree money boxes at the cash registers of the fan stores, 100% of the contents of which will be donated to the construction of the mangrove forest.

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Initiators: Miranda Wilson and Kai Schäfer

Supported project: DR Congo Zenaga and ASEAD Academy of Sciences & Engineering for Africa Development.

Project start: 2021

The national badminton players want to stand up together for climate protection and have decided to realize the first reforestation and climate project of the badminton sport, whether to compensate for tournament trips, league match days or ball consumption in the club.

The BadmintONEarth project was initiated in early 2021 by the national badminton players Miranda Wilson and Kai Schäfer. The sustainable and social climate project is being implemented in the town of Bankana in the DR Congo. We cooperate with the ZENAGA Foundation and the local ASEAD, which recommended the project location in the Democratic Republic of Congo at the beginning of 2020.

In order to take a holistic view of climate protection, the donations not only plant trees, but also promote solar energy and support the local population in the city of Bakana in the DR Congo.

BadmintONEarth is divided into project phases. Through the merger of numerous national badminton players and the compensation of the emissions of their one-year tournament trips, a start budget has been put together, with which the first fruit trees can be planted locally and a “solar educational backpack” can be procured. The project is currently in its third phase, which was partly funded with the help of a crowdfunding campaign in January 2023. Additional fruit trees and two water wells are to be built this year.

In total, more than 25,000 euros had already been donated for the entire project as of May 2023. Sports for Future doubles every donation, with 3,426 trees planted, corresponding to an area of 171 badminton courts.

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Rowers forest

Initiators: Carlotte Nwajide and Fini Sturm

Supported project: Reforestation in Kenya (WWF)

Project start: 2021

In the 2021 Olympic season, many rowers are only above the German average of 10 tons of CO2 emissions with the flights. The return flight to and from the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021 alone emits around 6 tonnes of CO2.

As a society, we need a rethinking at all levels, including in sport or especially in sport. Therefore, the rowers of the German national team want to live up to their role model as competitive athletes and to use their reach to motivate their fellow humans to work for the preservation of a planet worth living on. The “Ruderwald”, which was initiated by Carlotta Nwajide and Fini Sturm, aims to raise awareness of the climate crisis and contribute to reducing the impact of the high greenhouse gas emissions of their air travel.

The donations come from the rowers of the rowing national team. Everyone donates voluntarily and at their own discretion. In addition, other rowers, sports fans and interested parties are invited to donate as well. Every donation will be doubled by Sports for Future! Currently, 6,026 euros have already been donated, and thanks to the doubling of Sports for Future, a total of over 4,000 trees have been planted.

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Georg-Kerschensteiner-Schule Holdorf​

Project: Donation runs in 2021, 2022 and 2023

Initiator: GKS Holdorf

Supported project: Zenaga Foundation partner school in Nigeria

A colourful school like its logo: Georg-Kerschensteiner-Oberschule reaches its students in a variety of ways. In cooperation with Sports4Trees, the school has already organised three fundraising runs. The proceeds of the races went to schools in Nigeria, which we are establishing together with the Zenaga Foundation as so-called “Green Schools”.

The “Green Schools” are being implemented in the state of Akwa Ibom, which is located in southern Nigeria. Particular emphasis is placed on climate protection, education and sport. The planting of fruit trees and the use of solar energy (climate protection), environmental and climate protection education (education) and the equipment and practical implementation (sport) create a combination of climate protection and benefits for local people.

In total, GKS Holdorf has already spent more than 7,500 euros for its partner schools in Nigeria. Thank you for the great support!

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Donation run Paul Schockemöhle Logistics

Project: Donation run

Initiator: Paul Schockemöhle Logistics

Supported project: Reforestation in Kenya (WWF)

The logistics company Paul Schockemöhle Logistics actively supported environmental protection and provided financial support to the Sports for Future initiative with a charity run in April 2023. The employees were able to run and cycle for three weeks. The company donated 50 cents for every kilometre covered, and 25 cents for every kilometre cycled.

A total of 750 euros has been raised, which will benefit the reforestation project of the Chepalungu Forest in Kenya. With the donation 300 new trees can be planted!

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Past campaigns

Here you find an overview of our past campaigns.

Project: A tree per gate

Supporting project: Reforestation in Kenya (WWF)

Project start: season 2021/22

The regional league team from the Erzgebirge planted one tree in the region for each season goal in the 2021/22 season. These are to be placed by the players themselves. In addition, Sports for Future will be a tree for each goal in the WWF reforestation project near the Mara-Serengeti in Kenya. So every goal counts twice!

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Project: Climate ticket

Supported project: myclimate Uganda

Project start: 2019/20 season

Since October 2019, fans of TSG Hoffenheim have also had the opportunity to actively support climate protection when buying a ticket: The Bundesliga soccer club also offers theClimate Ticketfor purchase in its online ticket store. In cooperation with the non-profit climate protection organization “myclimate Deutschland”, buyers can support the project Small-scale farmers in Uganda reforest forests in Uganda” by booking an unlimited number of tree seedlings per ticket. To date, more than 25,000 tree seedlings have been realized.

The TSG climate ticket was also continued in the 2022/23 season. The linked donation to the Burkina Institute of Technology (BIT) will provide the students with a day of food and drink.

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Initiator: Carina Wimmer

Supported project: Reforestation in Kenya (WWF)

Project start: 2021

The 2021 Summer Olympics were all about sustainability. However, the CO2 emissions generated by air travel were created nonetheless. Athletes from Germany see themselves as responsible for practising their beloved sport while protecting the climate. This is why the Athletes4Climate initiative was launched, which made an effective contribution and supported a WWF reforestation project in Kenya. This is how the idea of the sports-centred climate exchange was born: from the donations, trees were to be planted for a positive climate effect; in return, athletes offered creative, attractive and also unusual services.

The idea for the initiative to compensate her flight in return came from sports pistol shooter Carina Wimmer in 2021 shortly after winning her gold medal in shooting at the European Championships in Croatia. At the same time, the sports pistol shooter released the ticket to Tokyo and wanted to compensate for the resulting CO2 emissions.

By October 2021, a total of 3,500 euros should be raised for the “athletes forest” in Kenya. This target was even surpassed with more than 4,000 euros! Thank you for the support of all donors!

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Initiator: Womens National Hockey Team

Supported project: Grootbos Foundation (South Africa)

Project start: 2020

The womens national field hockey team is facing up to its responsibility for the planet and taking action: the ladies have launched a field hockey forest in South Africa with the help of the Grootbos Foundation. This forest is also available for other nations, hockey players, fans and supporters to plant. 25€ for a tree the Danas make sure that the trees are planted in the hockey forest and send a certificate with the coordinates of the trees.

Shortly before the start of the Olympic Central Course in January, the team had laid the foundation stone in the Grootbos reserve in Stellenbosch, South Africa, and planted the first trees themselves, three per player. In addition, the European Hockey Association EHF donated 42 trees one per member nation and the DANAS donated 2,500 euros of their Pro League prize money. In total, over 22,000 euros were collected and 900 trees were planted. The project is considered complete.

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Project: Donation Run 2021

Initiator: University of Bayreuth

Supported project: myclimate Uganda

The decentralized donation run, organized by the Summer Feeling of the University of Bayreuth and CommunityMOVE on 25. 04. 2021, was a complete success! The student organizers of the campus event, which unfortunately had to be cancelled due to Corona, put sustainability in the focus. In order to make a positive contribution to climate protection, the “Summer Feeling” Forest was initiated and a fundraising campaign was planned. The aim was to cover a distance of 5,699 kilometers, which corresponds to the distance from Bayreuth to Masindi in Uganda. The “Summer Feeling Forest” was implemented there.

This goal was even surpassed at the donation run on 25. 04. 2021 with 5,702 kilometers by a total of 578 participants! At the same time, 7,277 euros were donated. Thanks to the doubling of Sports for Future e. V. , the implementation of myclimate in Masindi, Uganda allows a Summer Feeling Forest with an incredible 14,554 trees to be planted!

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Initiator: German Football Association

Supported project: Green Schools in Senegal and Nigeria

Project start: 2022/23 season

With theAction Match Day Climate Protection, the German Football Association has strengthened its commitment to more climate protection in sports. Together with the amateur and professional clubs, this project was carried out in the first round of the DFB Cup for women and men, on the third and fourth matchday of the FLYERALARM Womens Bundesliga and on the fifth and sixth matchday of the 3rd league in the 2022/23 season.

A special part of the action match day was a big fundraising campaign: All participating clubs were able to donate 100 euros for each goal scored. Thanks to many goal-rich games, the DFB raised 23,100 euros, which was doubled to 46,200 euros.

The donation will now go 1:1 to the Green School Project of Sports for Future and the Zenaga Foundation in Nigeria and Senegal.

The donation supports schools in the planting of fruit trees and the purchase of sports materials, as well as environmental education and solar energy.

Many thanks to the DFB and all 142 participating teams. The action game day has shown how we can take responsibility and create attention together in sports!

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Project: digital fundraising run MOVE4TREES

Initiator: CommunityMOVE

Supported project: myclimate Uganda

On 08 August 2021, we co-hosted a digital fundraising event with CommunityMOVE. For a starting fee of 3 euros you could participate in the donation run anywhere. As many sports as possible should be covered: everything from running and walking to cycling, inline skating and wheelchair riding was included. They were also able to take part in a team challenge, and as a team they could plant their own “team ground”. In addition to the entry fee, individual donations could also be made. For every euro donated, a tree was planted.

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Initiator: German Sports Youth

Project start: September 2022

Supported project: Green School in Senegal

As part of the MOVE campaign of the German Sports Youth (dsj), all athletes were invited in September 2022 to take part in a challenge of a special kind. The concept of #PurzelnfürBäume was quite simple: the more somersaults are made, the faster the tree nursery that we are building together with the Zenaga Foundation in Senegal grows.

Creativity had no limits: videos and pictures had to show only somersaults, which were then uploaded to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok under the hashtag #PurzelnfürBäume. In addition, the dsj and Sports For Future had to be linked. MOVE campaign face and singer Wincent Weiß as well as basketball pro Luis Figge took part and especially encouraged children and young people to get active and at the same time get involved in the climate.

At the end of the action, which ended on 16 September, tree seeds were donated for the establishment of the tree nursery in Senegal. And look at this: Bringing exercise and climate protection together can be so easy! More than 1,500 somersaults were made by various organisations, sports clubs and private individuals who make a small but important contribution to climate protection.

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