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Sport can be the greatest hobby for all of us, or even a fantastic profession. But what do we do when our world changes fundamentally? Climate change is the biggest challenge of our generation. To continue as before is not an option, only if we all act together, we can make a sustainable change.

We as badminton national players want to do exactly that and invite the whole badminton world to join us. That’s why we decided to realize the first reforestation and climate project in badminton, whether to compensate for tournament travel, league match days or ball usage in the club.

Because for us climate protection is holistic, we will not only plant trees with the help of your donations, but also promote solar energy and support the local population.

Our project will be realized in the city of Bankana with its 50,000 inhabitants, which is located about 2.5 hours east of the capital of the DR Congo. Thanks to the cooperation of numerous national badminton players and the compensation of the emissions of their tournament trips of one year, a starting budget has been collected, with which the first fruit trees can be planted on site and a “solar education backpack” can be procured. With a donation of 200 euros, the area of an entire badminton court can be planted with trees in the future, including the realization of further solar energy projects. Approximately 20 trees fit on one badminton court, which is a unit price of 10€ for one “tree+”.

Project partners are the Zenaga Foundation and the ASEAD – Academy of Sciences & Engineering for Africa Development.

UPDATE January 2022

BadmintONEarth has successfully completed the first phase of the project. With the first donations after Kick Off of the project and the money doubled by Sports for Future, the first 939 trees could be planted in Bankana. For the plantings, “caretakers” are trained on site to guide the plantings and pass on their expertise. We focus on fruit trees, so local people get a benefit from the trees. The students are also involved in the reforestation. Among other things, the topic of sustainability is integrated from practice into the theory of the school lessons.

Furthermore, a solar backpack with additional elements was ordered, e.g. beamer, chargers and screen, which can be used for the school as well as for residents of the village. The school, which is run under particularly poor classroom conditions, also received notebooks, pencils and chalk for the students. The conditions there are so bad that no lessons can take place when it rains, as there is no roof and no proper buildings.

For our second phase of the project, we now have two options besides planting trees. We can revive a disused health clinic and lay an important and sustainable foundation for health, hygiene and the future. A second option is to support the local school, provide energy through photovoltaics, help with the construction of a school building and provide permanent education for the students.

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Until then,

Your BadmintONEarth Team – Kai and Miranda

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