Our Projects

Thanks to strong partners such as the Zenaga Foundation, the WWF or myclimate, as well as generous initial funding from the Dietmar Hopp Foundation, we have already initiated and supported the projects described below in August 2020. Successes are already visible.

As of July 2021, our donations have made it possible to plant around 95,000 trees in Africa and 100,000 mangroves in the Philippines and in Nigeria, to protect a forest area the size of 9,000 soccer fields, and to involve around 15,000 schoolchildren throuout the implementation of our projects.

Current Sports4Trees projects in Africa


Reforestation of the Chepalungu-Forest

The project in Kenya is focused on the reforestation and re-growth of a forest reserve in Province of Bomet. The landscape is one of the most ecologically important ones for nature conservation in East Africa. The well-known Mara Serengeti urgently depends on water from the forests, such as the Chepalungu, for its survival.

The focus is now on protecting the diversity of species and animals, maintaining the ecological functions and sustainable usability of this landscape and, to this end, ensuring that ecosystems are fully protected and – where necessary – restored. In addition, community forest reserves are being created with fruit and fast-growing tree species that can be used sustainably by surrounding communities. 30,000 plantings have been initiated to date with the support of Sports4Trees.

Project partner: WWF

Projekt supporter: Ruderwald, Athletes4Climate

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Forest conservation together with indigenous communities in the Yaeda Valleys

This project is about protecting the forests for indigenous hunting and gathering groups as well as wildlife – and, of course, the climate. The project secures the land rights of the indigenous population and supports local land use plans to protect the forest area, which largely consists of acacia and myrrh trees. The resulting reduced deforestation prevents greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere.

A wildlife corridor also allows endangered wildlife species to migrate between the Yaeda Valley and the Ngorongoro Highlands. With the support of Sports4Trees, 6,500 hectares of forest (equivalent to 9,000 soccer fields) have been protected so far.

Project partner: myclimate, Plan Vivo / VCS CCB Gold

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Green Schools

Our Green Schools project in Senegal in cooperation with the Zenaga Foundation started this year (2021) in three schools in the regions of Kaolack, Fatick and Joal.

Our goal is to support the “Green Schools” and the local population with local volunteers by planting fruit trees from which the communities can also benefit. In addition, we focus on the environmental education of the students and install solar floodlights on the sports fields of the schools.

In the meantime, a lot has happened: The first photovoltaic systems have been installed on the roofs of the schools to supply the solar lights on the sports field with energy. And the first 1,600 of a planned 3,000 tree seedlings have already been planted at the schools in Kaolack and Fatick. Another 800 plantings in Joal will follow in September.

Goudiry School ECO Project in Tambacoundas

In Senegal, an ecological school project was launched to integrate the topics of climate protection and sustainable development into the educational curriculum and thus create an awareness of nature and the environment among young people. The project is being carried out in three schools (elementary school, middle and high school) in the department of Tambacounda.

The students are introduced to the topic “forest” in theory and practice: A school forest is created in each school. Doing so, the children have already carried out a number of activities as part of the project. For example, they created wall paintings or collected trash, which was then used to build new sitting areas.

At the end of the active phase, 1,566 trees were planted and 2,000 seedlings were grown in the tree nursery.

Project partner: Zenaga, Foret International of the  Dakar University

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School project and gardens with afforestation in Akwa Ibom

In Nigeria, Sports4Trees is engaged in environmental education at schools and in the creation of school gardens with new tree seedlings. The students and teachers become ambassadors for environmental and climate protection. By integrating climate protection into the entire school day, planting community trees and subsequent planting of tree seedlings, a sustainable reforestation program with scaling potential is created. The project has quickly gained attention and numerous schools in the area are eager to participate. 

In the first project step, the target of 1,500 seedlings has already been exceeded and the first five participating schools have planted 2,770 trees and planted 5,000 seeds in the tree nursery. In addition, in the second project step, the topic of education and sports was strengthened and solar lamps were distributed to students*

As of September 2021, 12 schools in Nigeria have participated in the project, with a total of 7,600 trees planted.

Project partner: Zenaga, African Centre for Environment, Agriculture Rural Development

Project supporter: Georg-Kerschensteiner-Schule Holdorf (donation run), SV Waldhof Mannheim 07 (Herzbuwe-Trikot)

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Mangrove reforestation in Akwa Ibom

Uyo State is known for its massive petroleum damage and by supporting this project we want to help protect the nature and enable renaturation. Mangroves are perfect for this purpose as they clean polluted waters, produce oxygen and stabilize sandy, muddy soil. This strengthens shores and coasts. Adapted to extreme conditions such as tropical heat, salt water or tidal changes, mangroves are true survivors and are found where other plants could not survive. Due to the local climate, planting can be done all year round. The social aspect is not neglected either: The employed locals are provided with warm meals and work clothes.

Project partner: Forstfreunde/ Climate Pioneers

Projekt supporter: Waldhof Mannheim (Klimaticket)

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Empowerment of women through reforestation and sports in Menkaus

In the DR Congo, the lack of awareness for climate protection and sustainability – due to poverty and lack of education – is to be tackled through reforestation, training and sports for women. The goal is to plant >180,000 trees and to educate trainers and multipliers for sustainable development.

Topics include environmental impact, sustainable agriculture and forestry, and the benefits of reforestation and climate protection. The combination with the sport “Nzango”, which is mainly practiced by women, holds an additional incentive and dynamic for the project. 

On September 25, 2020, the first inspection of the land took place together with the visit to the “Village Chief” for the traditional obtaining of the permission for the start of the project. Project staffs were able to start with land surveying on site from October 5 and between October 28 and November 7, the land was prepared. 

Although the Corona pandemic complicated the project’s progress, 7,150 seedlings were planted by the end of the first two phases of the project (September 2021), which was more than previously planned (6,750). In addition, a total of over 700 people were involved in the project.

Project partner: Zenaga, ASEAD – Academy of Sciences & Engineering for Africa Development

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Small-scale farmers in Uganda reforest forests in Uganda

Our partner project encourages small-scale farmers in Uganda to reforest and better manage existing forests. The project lays the foundation for long-term sustainable land use that guarantees carbon absorption by trees and storage in their biomass. At the same time, it supports biodiversity and improves community well-being.  With the help of the initiative, 6,512 hectares of forest have already been reforested to date. Project standard: Plan Vivo.

Project partner: myclimate

Project supporter: TSG Hoffenheim (Klimaticket), Summer Feeling Bayreuth (donation run)

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Hockey-Forest of the German Women Field Hockey Team - DANAS

The women’s national field hockey team is facing up to its responsibility for the planet and taking action: The ladies have created a field hockey forest in South Africa with the help of the Grootbos Foundation. This forest is also available for other nations, field hockey players, fans and supporters to plant. A tree costs 25€ – for this the Danas ensure that the trees are planted in the field hockey forest and send a certificate with the coordinates of the trees. So far, the Danas and their supporters have planted 801 trees.

Project partner: Grootbos Foundation

Project supporter: Hockey National Team

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1.000.000 mangroves for the Malizia Mangrove Parks

The sailor Boris Herrmann and his team Malizia have created the Malizia Mangrove Park in the Philippines together with the Mama Earth Foundation. There, one million newly planted mangroves will be added to the existing ones, thus making an enormously important contribution to restoring the ecosystem and storing high amounts of CO2. Sports4Trees supported the project in November 2020 with a donation of 33,000€ resp. the planting of 100,000 mangroves. Mangrove donation total: 150,000 (as of November 2020).

Project partner: Mama Earth Foundation, Malizia Mangroves Park

Projekt supporter: Team Malizia

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